hello! my name is leo, and welcome to my blog!

leosthetics is dedicated to the love of my life – books. however, i will also post about other things i love, like movies and music. in this blog, i will celebrate my love for art and its many forms. therefore, i am looking forward to meeting and being friends with you and knowing some of your artistic tastes.

i will do my best to post frequently or read some of yours and give some feedback.

when not blogging, you can find me on the following links: twitter | instagram | goodreads

below are some facts about me:
~ i’m gay ~
~ i’m a virgo ~
~ i love faeries ~
~ i love watching anime ~
~ my favorite author is [uncle] rick riordan ~
~ i love k-pop, most of all the group blackpink ~
~ this is my third and final attempt at blogging, so fighting! ~