hello, everyone! how are you? and happy PRIDE! if you do not know it yet, i am gay, which means i am a part of the queer community. thus, thank you so much for always visiting my blog, and i want you all to know that i truly appreciate such simple yet impactful gesture. please, please keep on supporting queer creatives! we have a lot of things to offer and to show the world!

in line with the celebration of PRIDE, i am blessing you all with my PRIDE 2021 TBR! also, my blog acquired more than 500 visitors on the 1st of June 2021, which was a very huge milestone for me. since i started blogging again, my visits do not even exceed a hundred. seeing my stats on the first day of PRIDE boosting like that, i shed a tear and felt so grateful. again, thank you so much for all your support! i will always do my best to create contents that will bring joy to everyone!

now, let us dive in and have some bookish fun!

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