|feature| first book tour, thanks to caffeine book tours!

Hello, everyone! My name is Leo and I am back from my blogging slump (and probably, from my reading slump, too)! These past weeks, I couldn’t find the energy to write or read. You know that feeling when all of a sudden you feel tired, and you have no idea why? Yes, that happened. I tried forcing myself. However, the more I forced my mind to think, the more I felt drained. It sucked, of course. This blog is my third and final attempt, therefore I don’t want it to flop.

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Finally, Shealea posted this blog. Reading my name on the list, and knowing that someone amazing is aware of my existence, I felt ecstatic and grateful. My mind recharged and I found myself in front of my laptop.

This post will be about the Caffeine Book Tours, my very first tour, and why you should have a cup of this coffee.

what is a book tour?

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Before going to our main topic, let’s define what a book tour is first. More specifically, a book tour through blogs.

Basically, a book tour through blogs is a duration of time allotted in promoting books on selected blogs, especially those books that are soon to be published. Materials are given to the hosts, which they can utilize according to the tour’s set of rules. One of these rules, and the most common, is the host should post a book review. Other contents about the book can be posted, since creativity is highly encouraged. Again, as long as the rules are followed. Violating the rules could lead to suspension from the tour, or worse.

what is caffeine book tours?

Caffeine Book Tours or CBT is an online tour company, which gives a huge emphasis on diverse books. Its advocacy is to create a connection between authors, to find the right audiences or readers for their works.

In line with my experience so far, the company has this style of selecting their hosts according to specific elements found in the book. For example, if the protagonist is queer and Asian, then the company gives priority to queer and Asian hosts.

But, Leo, what if I’m neither queer nor Asian? Should I lie about being one in the sign-ups? Then you are screwed! Kidding! You still have a chance to be selected. You do not have to lie, don’t ever. If you read the advocacy, you will come across the topic titled ‘THE IMPORTANCE OF OWN-VOICES REVIEWS ☕’. It will make you understand why a ‘priority lane’ exists.

who is the creator?

I don’t know Shealea personally. However, her extreme passion in reading and giving impact on marginalized books, authors, and content creators won’t go unnoticed. She even made a directory for Asian content creators, making it easier for everyone to discover our platforms.

She has this way with words that is really empowering. I read a newsletter she wrote, and it became one of the reasons why I gave blogging another go. Honestly, I want to meet her someday and thank her for everything she is doing for this community.

To know more information about her projects, click here. If you want to know how to pronounce her name, click here. To follow her blog, click here.

my first book tour (through blogs)!

When I signed up for a tour with CBT for the very first time, I thought I would never get a slot. Then, they posted ‘How Tour Hosts Are Selected’, and a thorn was pulled from my anxious soul while reading this part:

Testimonials from my tour hosts will tell you that extremely large followings aren’t a requirement for my tours. Nor do I dismiss “small” bookish influencers in favor of those with thousands of followers. However, I do prefer tour hosts to have a loyal following — that is, an audience that consistently engage with their content.”

The relief was very real I could kiss the ground. At the time I signed up for a tour, my blog was but a sprout. Still very new and needs all the sunlight and water and air to photosynthesize and grow. Hence, reading the statement above made me very grateful. Even if I won’t be selected, at least I got a chance, right?

Shealea also added this statement to clarify:

“For obvious reasons, I can’t just give ARCs or books to someone with only 5 followers, and similarly, I also can’t give them to someone with 5,000 followers but with virtually nonexistent engagement (e.g. likes, comments, shares and retweets). Again, a book tour is a promotional tool meant to benefit the author and their book, which is why I cannot entirely dismiss audience reach and engagement in my decision-making.”

My very first book tour is for ‘The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice’ by Lisa DeSelm.

I cannot say much for now, but stay tuned for my review and other contents about this book.

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Thank you for reading this post! This is just my mini-intro about Caffeine Book Tours, since I messaged Shealea some time ago that I wanted to feature it. You can always go to the tour company’s site for more information. Have a safe and merry day!

Author: leo(neil) of leosthetics

Leo is a Virgo and a demigod. Here he will post book reviews and other bookish stuff. Someday, he wants to meet a KIND faerie king (and probably marry him).

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