let the adventure begin! again!


Second year of high school when I met Wattpad. It was the bomb that time. I owe a huge part of my reading journey to it. Until now, whenever I want to read something tropey and predictable, it is my go to site/app, my guilty pleasure. Someone said that it’s so 2013, but hey, that person doesn’t even read. So…

Third year of high school and our classroom was a staircase and an audiovisual room away from the library. Since I was an early bird, my mother would always tell me to go there to kill some time, or while waiting for the flag ceremony. There, I met Nancy Drew and her gang. It has been years since I read about their thrilling adventures, but I will never forget the excitement and joy they gave me.

Same year, a few weeks later, I met Harry Potter. I actually saw some of the movies first, which really encouraged me to start reading the books. For the very first time since freshman year, I finally used my library card. So yeah, I got admitted into Hogwarts, and experienced an explosion of magic, friendship, and breathtaking adventures. Most of all, it made me realize my one true dream—to be a writer. Unfortunately, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named became messy. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community (I’m gay), I refuse to look up to someone who doesn’t recognize the existence of my comrades. So, thank you for giving me a dream, but that’s it.


My name is Leoneil, but you all can call me Leo. Sorry for wasting your time on that very long intro. I’m a reader from the Philippines and this is my final, like really final blog. See, this is the third (I think) blog I created. I’m Filipino, English is not my first language, therefore I tend to doubt my grammatical skills. Since I want my content to be international, I wrote all of them in English. Fear of being criticized, which made me so anxious, ate me whole. I deleted the first blog I created, and the ones before this.

But, here we go! Again! I will do my best to write good contents. I will write honest reviews and interact with other people more (since I’m not that social). I refuse to be eaten by fear again, and just write.

And to you reading this, you matter in this world. Always stand back up, and make them never forget you. Show them what a person, forged by pages and sharpened by words, can do.

love, leo

Author: leo(neil) of leosthetics

Leo is a Virgo and a demigod. Here he will post book reviews and other bookish stuff. Someday, he wants to meet a KIND faerie king (and probably marry him).

8 thoughts on “let the adventure begin! again!”

  1. I am very proud of you! Don’t let the thought of others bring you down. Do this for you. That’s what I do! It’s a stress reliever and it truly brings me so much joy to share about the books I’m passionate about, and soon will share with my students this fall. You rock, Leo!

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