review || The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan

Another trilogy down. It took me some time to read, but here we are. These are my thoughts on the final book in the Magnus Chase Trilogy, where we follow Magnus Chase and his friends on an adventure to delay Ragnarok (world destrcution). Hope you are all having a great time, and please STAY SAFE!

TITLE: The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #3)
AUTHOR: Rick Riordan
FORMAT: Hardcover


  1. THE HUMOR. Of course, first of all. [Uncle] Rick Riordan’s humor never gets old. That’s one of the reasons why he’s my favorite author of all time.
  2. THE CHARACTERS. [Uncle] Rick’s characters, you really root for them. And I love that they represent different beliefs and cultures. Among all, I really loved the Islam representation through our brave Valkyrie, Samirah al-Abbas. I’m not Muslim, but I have Muslim friends, and reading about Samirah made me feel proud and happy. Especially the part where Sam was fasting. I could relate since every year, I witness my Muslim friends go through the same thing. RESPECT!
  3. THE WRITING & WORLDBUILDING. The writing was fast-paced, another signature move by [Uncle] Rick, but the words were enough to describe and create vivid images of the places our heroes went to.
  4. THE SIGN LANGUAGE. Another representation I loved. One of the characters, Hearthstone, was deaf, so he used sign language as a form of communication. What I loved about it was when the movements were described, I found myself mimicking them. It was fun and a great way to educate.
  5. THE ROMANCE. We had an experience of romance involving Magnus here. It was only on the final parts, but it was the perfect treat.


I found myself not getting on board on the the first few chapters of the book. It made me anxious, because I really wanted to enjoy the ride. Gladly, it was just fleeting and I ended up loving the rest.


If you want to read a Norse myth book for the first time, I highly suggest this trilogy. You won’t get all the information, but it will give enough for you to want more.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Book Blog Newbie Tag

I’m not really a newbie, but I feel like this tag is a rite of passage when starting a new blog. So, here we are! Hope you are all having a great day!

WHY DID YOU START THIS BLOG? I didn’t mention this on my intro post, but a newsletter written by Shealea was my first motivation to start this blog. It really spoke to me, fueling me with excitement and will to write. Also, I want to overcome obstacles that I think blogging can help me with.

WHAT ARE SOME FUN AND UNIQUE THINGS YOU CAN BRING TO BOOK BLOGGING? I honestly have no idea yet, but tune in! Unique ideas might pop up along the way.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED FOR ABOUT THIS NEW BLOG? I’m most excited for what this blog will bring out in me. I’m excited for how it will change me, in a good way, of course. I’m excited for the doors it can open, for the people I can meet, for the books I will discover. This is not my first blog, but I still got a lot to know.

WHY DO YOU LOVE READING? I love reading because it opens my mind. Like, I didn’t know I could be this open-minded until after so many times of reading books. I’m so open-minded that almost nothing surprises me anymore. He was straight in high school and now he’s dating a guy? Okay. The situation we are all in right now because of this pandemic? Read something similar. The government? Reminds me of a book.

Reading can bring a lot to the table.

WHAT BOOK OR SERIES GOT YOU INTO READING? What really got me into reading, not gonna lie, was the Harry Potter series. After reading the last book, I realized reading is what I want to do for the rest of my life.


WHAT CHALLENGES DO YOU THINK STARTING A BLOG WILL BE THE HARDEST TO OVERCOME? Personally, the main challenge that will be the hardest to overcome is interaction. Being an introvert really made me shy and kind of not that social. However, I am doing my best! Cheer me up and wish me all the luck!

WHEN DID YOU START READING? High school. Sophomore year. Wattpad.

WHERE DO YOU READ? I love reading in my room. I always feel comfortable there, and less distraction.

WHAT KIND OF BOOKS DO YOU LIKE TO READ? My two main genres are Young Adult and Fantasy. Especially those with well-written characters. By characters, I mean, the villains.

Thank you to Marta, from the book mermaid, where I found this tag. Check out her blog, guys!

Let the Adventure Begin! Again!


Second year of high school when I met Wattpad. It was the bomb that time. I owe a huge part of my reading journey to it. Until now, whenever I want to read something tropey and predictable, it is my go to site/app, my guilty pleasure. Someone said that it’s so 2013, but hey, that person doesn’t even read. So…

Third year of high school and our classroom was a staircase and an audiovisual room away from the library. Since I was an early bird, my mother would always tell me to go there to kill some time, or while waiting for the flag ceremony. There, I met Nancy Drew and her gang. It has been years since I read about their thrilling adventures, but I will never forget the excitement and joy they gave me.

Same year, a few weeks later, I met Harry Potter. I actually saw some of the movies first, which really encouraged me to start reading the books. For the very first time since freshman year, I finally used my library card. So yeah, I got admitted into Hogwarts, and experienced an explosion of magic, friendship, and breathtaking adventures. Most of all, it made me realize my one true dream—to be a writer. Unfortunately, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named became messy. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community (I’m gay), I refuse to look up to someone who doesn’t recognize the existence of my comrades. So, thank you for giving me a dream, but that’s it.


My name is Leoneil, but you all can call me Leo. Sorry for wasting your time on that very long intro. I’m a reader from the Philippines and this is my final, like really final blog. See, this is the third (I think) blog I created. I’m Filipino, English is not my first language, therefore I tend to doubt my grammatical skills. Since I want my content to be international, I wrote all of them in English. Fear of being criticized, which made me so anxious, ate me whole. I deleted the first blog I created, and the ones before this.

But, here we go! Again! I will do my best to write good contents. I will write honest reviews and interact with other people more (since I’m not that social). I refuse to be eaten by fear again, and just write.

And to you reading this, you matter in this world. Always stand back up, and make them never forget you. Show them what a person, forged by pages and sharpened by words, can do.

Love, Leo